Message from Cat Winters author of In the Shadow of Blackbirds

Cat WintersHello CCRSB students!

I’m incredibly honored that my novel In the Shadow of Blackbirds was selected to be a part of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board Teen Reader’s Choice Award. I’ve read most of the other books that appear on the list and know that my novel is sitting there amid some highly impressive company!

One of my favorite types of letters to receive from readers starts with the sentence “I don’t normally read historical fiction, but . . .” or “I don’t usually read ghost stories, but . . .” In the Shadow of Blackbirds is indeed a ghost tale set in the past—1918 America to be specific—but I think you’ll find it’s a little different from other YA paranormal fiction and even other historical novels. It’s the story of a bright, scientific-minded, stubborn, and compassionate teen named Mary Shelley Black (named after the author of Frankenstein), who must deal with a world war, a deadly flu pandemic, and a ghost. She encounters séances, frauds, broken boys, and a mystery involving a lost love, all while trying to remain sane, alive, and true to herself. It’s a horror story, ghost story, love story, mystery, historical novel, and coming-of-age tale all wrapped in one spooky package that includes haunting real-life images from the past.

I’ve always been drawn to books in which young people encounter the brutality of history with bravery, honesty, and even humor. I hope you’ll feel inspired by my main character’s perseverance while dealing with one of the world’s darkest moments.

Thank you for participating, and happy reading!

Warmest wishes,

Cat Winters


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