Message from Jandy Nelson author of I’ll Give You The Sun

NelsonWe e-mailed I’ll Give You the Sun author Jandy Nelson to let her know her book is among the Top 10 in this year’s CCRSB Teen Reader’s Choice Award. We were thrilled to receive her  response.

Hi there,

 Do you know I spent summers in Nova Scotia when I was a teenager? In Smith’s Cove. God, I loved it there! 

 I’m so excited for you to meet twins Noah and Jude. Noah is this flood in a paper cup. He has a mad desire to draw, to kiss the boy next door, to peel the blue off the sky, to be the blue in the sky. And Jude. She used to surf and cliff-dive and do the talking for both twins, but something happened, and now she’s gone quiet and is living with ghosts and following her grandmother’s bible of superstitions. These twins became so real to me that one time, while in the middle of writing the novel, I went to an art exhibit and my first thought was it’s such a shame Noah and Jude couldn’t come with me today.

This is a story about love, crazy complicated love of all kinds: between guys and girls, guys and guys, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, artists and their art, but mostly it’s about the fierce, roller-coaster love between the twins themselves.

Writing Noah and Jude’s story took three and a half years. It was the most exciting, exuberant, and challenging creative experience of my life. These characters shook the ground beneath my feet. There’s a moment in the novel when Jude’s watching her stone-carving mentor Guillermo sculpt and she wonders if he’s making the sculpture or if the sculpture is making him. That’s what writing this novel felt like.

This is wonderful news! I’m so glad SUN was chosen! 

I so hope you enjoy!




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