Message from Prudence Shen, author of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

NothingCanPossiblyGoWrongWe wrote Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong author Prudence Shen to let her know the novel she wrote with Faith Erin Hicks is a hit with students participating in the third annual CCRSB Teen Reader’s Choice Book Award.

Here is her encouraging and humorous response:

“I’m so thrilled Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is on the shortlist for the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board Teen Reader’s Choice Award! Very little warms the cockles of my shriveled writer’s heart like knowing kids who are already too smart for their own good are gobbling up media that depicts deadly robot creation and (sort of) grand theft auto! If you decide to combine these skills sets, please direct your monster robot away from New York City – at least until I move away from here.

“More seriously, like many of you future novelists and storytellers of all types and kinds know, nothing is as wonderful as spinning a yarn and having it connect. Telling a story about someone else or something else is oftentimes the best way to tell your story, the true one that you’re hiding in between the lines of dialogue, high fantasy and shenanigans. It’s a way to kindly, without overstepping, reach out and say, ‘I know exactly how you feel.’ To those of you who love robots, who feel a little trapped, who worry about being a bad friend or doing the right thing? Charlie and Nate and Joanna know exactly how you feel, and so do I.

“Thanks for being good library patrons, and for having the flawless good taste to read this graphic novel that Faith Erin Hicks and I made. I’m so glad you had time to hear my story, and I can’t wait to hear yours one day.”

–Prudence Shen, author of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong


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