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Author Interview – Veronica Roth

Did you know Veronica Roth is the youngest of the Top 10 authors? She wrote  Divergent when she was 21 and it was published when she was 22. Now she’s 24 and has two best-selling novels and a movie deal under her belt!

Want to find out more about this wildly successful young author? Check out these two video interviews with Roth, available from her publisher’s YouTube channel. In the first, she summarizes the plot of her debut novel and discusses her favourite characters (apparently Peter was really fun to write). In the second, Roth answers a few questions about her short – but exciting – career as a writer.

Author Interview – Moira Young

Moira Young is one of two Canadian authors nominated for this year’s award. Although she now lives in England, her childhood spent in Western Canada heavily influenced the landscape of Blood Red Road. There was no interview with Young available on YouTube, but BBC News conducted an interview with her in January, 2012, after Blood Red Road won the Costa Book Award (a top British book prize). In this video, Young speaks about her career and why she writes for teens. (Fun fact: she trained as both a dancer and an opera singer before she became a writer.) If you have questions about the book itself, check out this short Q&A with Moira Young on the publisher’s website.

Author Interview – Ruta Sepetys

Today’s featured author interview with Ruta Sepetys is the longest of the Top 10 author videos (12 minutes) and I think it’s the most fascinating. In this short documentary Sepetys shares her Lithuanian heritage, gives a brief history lesson on the Soviet takeover of Lithuania, and explains how she conducted her research for Between Shades of Gray.  This video also includes historical photos and interviews with Lithuanian survivors of Soviet prison camps. Even if you haven’t read the novel, it’s worth watching this interview to learn about a part of history that was hidden by the Soviet government for decades.

Author Interview – Vera Brosgol

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, there is no video interview with Vera Brosgol available online. However, there is a print interview with the author of Anya’s Ghost available from Wired  (published in 2011). In this interview Brosgol discusses Anya’s Ghost, life as a graphic novelist, and her career as a storyboard artist for an animation company (did you know she worked on the animated films Coraline and ParaNorman?).   Bonus: it includes a photo!

If you’re looking for more information on Brosgol, her influences, and her artistic process, be sure to check out the FAQ page on her website. Here she answers (in detail) questions about her career and gives advice to aspiring comic book creators.

Author Interview – Beth Revis

You’ve met the Top 10 books – now it’s time to meet the Top 10 authors!

In addition to book trailers, many book publishers upload short videos of authors discussing their books. These clips are a great way to meet authors from the comfort of your own home and learn what inspires them to write. Over the next few weeks we will be posting video interviews with each of the Top 10 authors (with the exception of Vera Brosgol and Maggie Steifvater, who have only done print interviews).

To begin, check out this video of Beth Revis talking about Across the Universe. In this 3-minute clip she discusses how she came up with her ideas for the novel and gives us a tour of Godspeed.