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Book Trailer – This Dark Endeavor

This Dark Endeavor‘s trailer uses sinister music and creepy images of Chateau Frankenstein to establish the setting and tone of the novel. It doesn’t use actors, but camera provides a first-person perspective, making it seem like we are exploring the castle as Victor.

Of the Top 10 trailers, which one was your favourite? What elements make a successful book trailer? Will you start (or continue) looking for book trailers to help you decide what to read next? Discuss in the comments.

Book Trailer – The Scorpio Races

Maggie Stiefvater is another multi-talented author – she is an accomplished artist and musician. She not only did the stop-motion animation for the The Scorpio Races trailer, but she also wrote and co-performed the music. This trailer is much different than others we’ve seen, largely due to its use of animation. What do you think of Stiefvater’s art and music? Does it fit the tone of the book? And does this preview tell you enough about the book to make you want to read it? 

Book Trailer – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Ransom Riggs is not just a talented author – he’s also a trained filmmaker. Most of the trailers we’ve seen so far have been created by publishers, but the trailer for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was filmed by the author. This trailer runs longer and is far more cinematic than the trailers we’ve seen so far. I saw this trailer before the book was released in 2011 and loved it so much that I read the book as soon as it hit the shelves. Does this trailer make you that excited to read the book? What do you think of it compared to the publisher-created trailers?

Bonus video: Ransom Riggs’ exploration of a creepy, abandoned house in Belgium that was used as Miss Peregrine’s home in the book trailer.

Book Trailer – The Future of Us

The Future of Us trailer doesn’t just hint at the book’s plot – it gets right to the point. In only 30 seconds, Emma’s voice-over narration establishes the book’s setting, introduces Josh, and sets up the plot. This trailer made me think that The Future of Us would make a pretty fun movie. Do you agree? Do you think the actors they cast for the trailer look like Emma and Josh, or would you want to see other actors in lead roles?

Book Trailer – The Fault in Our Stars

In the 30-second trailer for The Fault in Our Stars Hazel and Augustus are hanging out on the swings, looking happy and in love, while quotes from the from the book appear onscreen. The only hint that Hazel has cancer is the use of the heart monitor line throughout the trailer. Do you think this is a good representation of the book? If you haven’t read it, does it make you want to?

Book Trailer – Divergent

The trailer for Divergent  uses simple graphics (namely faction symbols) and text to describe the plot rather than actors or voice-over narration. It could be really boring, but what really grabs your attention –  and sets it apart from the other trailers –  is its dramatic music.  It sounds like it could be from a movie score and conveys danger and action. Does this preview for Veronica Roth’s book make you excited to read it? If you’ve read it, do you think the music fits the tone of the book?

Book Trailer – Blood Red Road

In the trailer for Blood Red Road we hear Saba’s voice and get a quick glimpse of our heroine, her pet crow Nero, and the world of Dustlands. What do you think of the use of live-action video and photography in this trailer, compared to the graphics used in the other trailers we’ve seen so far? Does this spark your interest in the book? If you’ve read the book already, does the trailer do it justice?

Book Trailer – Anya’s Ghost

The trailer  for Anya’s Ghost is simple but effective; creepy music and a few sound effects accompany the artwork of the book, bringing the still images to life. What do you think of it? Does it make you want to read the comic? If you’ve read it, do you feel it accurately represents the book? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Book Trailer – Across the Universe

Need help trying to decide what to read next? Watch a book trailer! Like a movie trailer, a book trailer provides a 1-2 minute preview of a book’s plot and characters. Many publishers upload book trailers, but there are lots of fan-created book trailers on YouTube as well. Over the next two weeks, we will be posting  trailers for each of the Top 10 books (except Between Shades of Gray, as there is no trailer for it). Today’s trailer is for Across the Universe, which features the voice of Lauren Ambrose, the actress who narrates the audio version of the book.

What is your opinion on book trailers? Do you watch them before you check out a book? Do they impact your reading decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Announcing the 2013 Top 10 nominees!


The second CCRSB Teen Reader’s Choice Award kicks off this week! If you are a CCRSB student in grades 7-12, you are invited to read from this year’s list of 10 amazing nominated books and vote for your favourite to be the winner of the CCRSB Teen Reader’s Choice Award. Last year, The Hunger Games won with almost 600 votes.

The 2013 Top 10 books have been carefully selected by CCRSB Library Services staff. They represent a wide range of genres and include some of the best fiction published between January, 2011  and January, 2012. They are (in alphabetical order):

Participating is easy! Just follow these three steps:

1) Read at least one of the Top 10 titles between February 4 and May 3. All 10 nominees are available from your school library. If you’ve already read one of the nominated titles, read another! You never know – you may find your new favourite book.

2) During the reading period,  discuss the books with other CCRSB students on the pages linked at the top of this website. Please remember these rules when submitting comments:

  • Don’t include any identifying information (last name, school, location, etc.).
  • Be respectful of other students’ comments.
  • Use school appropriate language.

3) Vote for your favourite book online or in your school library between April 22 and May 3. The book with the most votes will be announced as the winner on Tuesday, May 14.

Head to your school library, grab a Top 10 book, and let’s start reading!