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Announcing Your Top 10 Nominees!

The response to the award has been fantastic! CCRSB Library Services staff collected about 2,500 nomination forms from across the board and almost 1,000 different titles were submitted for consideration! Of those books, these are the 10 most loved by CCRSB teens (in alphabetical order):

Read at least one of these books between now and May 14. If you’ve already read one of the Top 10, try reading another that is different from what you would normally read. Maybe you’ll find your new favourite book! For every book you read between now and May 14, your librarian will enter your name into a draw for a set of the Top 10 books.

Discuss the books on the pages linked at the top of the blog. Remember these rules when submitting comments:

  1. Don’t include any identifying information (last name, school, location, etc.).
  2. Be respectful of other students commenting on the blog.
  3. Use school-appropriate language.

If you are in grades 7-12, you can participate (even if you didn’t nominate a book).

Let’s get reading!