Trends – West Pictou Consolidated School

Results are coming in at West Pictou Consolidated School (grades 7-8). Ms. MacEachern at the library has received 30 nomination forms from students, and there is quite an interesting mix of titles. Like at Springhill High, most books have only been nominated once. With four nominations, the most nominated book is: Conspiracy 365 : January by Gabrielle Lord.

This is the first book in an action-packed series about 15-year-old Callum Ormond, a fugitive on the run from his father’s killers.

West Pictou students had this to say about the book:

  • “”Action packed thriller. Always leaving you wanting more.”
  • “The book series is awesome! Lots of action. A lot of my friends read it!”

There are currently two runners-up with two votes each:

Ways to Live Forever by Sally Nicholls

This tearjerker chronicles the last four months of eleven-year-old Sam McQueen’s battle with leukemia.

Reason for nomination:

“Because the book is a very emotional story that teens can connect to.”



The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Every year in the post-apocalyptic world of Panem, 24 teens are forced to fight to the death in the Hunger Games.

Reason for nomination:

“It has a bit of everything — action, romance, and lots of suspense. It’s for everyone!”



A single nonfiction title has been nominated: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Although it’s only received one nomination, you can’t argue with the reason for its inclusion:

“If a zombie apocalypse ever happened, this book would help.”

(That sounds like a book I want handy when the end is nigh.)



What do you think of the books students at West Pictou Consolidated have nominated?


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