Announcing the First Annual CCRSB Teen Reader’s Choice Award!

Attention teens of CCRSB:

Library Services invites you to participate in the first-ever CCRSB Teen Reader’s Choice Award. The nominees and the winner will both be determined by you!

Here’s how to participate:

  • Nominate your favourite book between now and January 14  (see your librarian for nomination forms). There are no restrictions on what you can nominate, but you can only submit one title so make your nomination count! Your nominations will be counted and the top 10 books will be announced in January.
  • Read books from the Top 10 between February 14 and May 13. All shortlisted books will be made available at your school library. Even if your book didn’t crack the Top 10, read the ones that did! You never know – you may discover your new favourite book.
  • Discuss the Top 10 with fellow students across the board via online forums. This is a chance to talk about the finalists you love and hate, and to convince other students to vote for your choice!
  • Vote for your favourite book of the Top 10. Voting will take place online between April 25 and May 14. You only have to read one book from the Top 10 to vote and you can only vote once.
  • Celebrate the winning book at your school library. Your votes will be tabulated and the winner will be announced in late May. Details on the award ceremony will follow.

So get involved! The award won’t happen without you.


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  1. The numbers at CEC are starting to show a few trends. The three top authors are Ellen Hopkins, Stephenie Meyer and Christopher Paolini. Breaking Dawn has received the most nominations for favourite book.

    Don’t forget to vote!

  2. My Favorite Book Is Before I fall By Lauren Oliver and I also couldn’t get into any of the Twilight books they were just not interesting to me I find they were boring I like more Mystery or something you don’t know what is going to happen next in the book

    • Alecia,

      I am glad to see you enjoyed Before I Fall. I have not read this particular book, but I enjoyed her novel Delirium.

      Miss Allen
      CEC Librarian

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